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Orphan Disease Pathway Project

An orphan disease is a disease which affects a relatively small number of individuals and for which no drug therapy has been developed because the small market would make the research and the drug unprofitable. This means that many people are living without hopes of a cure being discovered. Many of these people are children.


The Orphan Disease Pathway Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding cures and effective treatments for orphan, or rare diseases, and to facilitate research of such ailments. Providing financial assistance to organizations, hospitals, universities, research centers and doctors that are researching treatments for orphan diseases, is only part of what the Orphan Disease Pathway Project offers. The foundation also grants financial assistance to organizations that provide services to individuals and families who are affected by orphan diseases.


I provided The Orphan Disease Pathway Project with a suite of graphics including Branding, Website, Corporate Collateral, Brochures, and Donation Forms.


Brand Identity
Print Design
Marketing Materials


Brand Identity, Print Design, Web Design